View from Uhuru (Kibo) towards west

A visual journey along the Machame route


On top of Barranco wall

Experience the beauty and desolation

Planning to climb Kilimanjaro?
See what it is like!

Been there, done that?
Relive the experience!

View from Barafu - towards west

Resting on the way to Lava Towers

Day 2 - resting between Machame and Shira

Machame reception - end of day 1

Descent - in the rainforest on day 6

Rainforest - day 1

More than 250 breathtaking photographs

Personal experiences of five ordinary people

including training and buying of kit

Day-by-day account of hike,
including lessons learnt

Health and medication

Checklists and tips

Graphics and Maps

Links and References

Lava Towers

Machame gate

At the summit

Dinner at Barafu - afternoon before ascent

Climbers, guides and porters at Rau

On the way to Lava Towers

Camp at Shira

View from Uhuru (Kibo) - towards Mawenzi

The photographs on this web site are low resolution samples of the high resolution pictures on the CD-ROM. To experience the quality of the CD-ROM photographs, click here or download a screensaver.

For more information about the CD-ROM, please send e-mail.

tent at Barafu - Mawenzi in background


View from Uhuru - Western Breach to left


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